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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


With Cassandra Freeman, CEO of CF Consulting, Inc

Home Care,  Hospice,  Personal Care Home Startup  & Consulting

Wish you had a roadmap to attract and hire care workers that are stars? 

As a new or up-in-coming senior care business owner, your care worker stars are the face of your business and will help build a reputation of quality care that lead to a growing business.  

On the other hand, the wrong care worker staff can punch holes in your credibility, risk client care and be an obstacle to growing in your community.

So, how do you hire outstanding care workers? 

At our FREE Launch Lunch webinar, we'll explore the steps to hire the right care workers for your senior care business.  Gain insights and learn what to do when hiring your care workers.

We have a registration and attendance limit on the session - so make sure you're registered. So register for FREE today.

In this FREE 30-minute webinar,  here's what you'll learn;

* 3 Ways To Write Job Advertisements To Attract Stars

*How To Ask The Right Interview Questions That Reveal Stars

*StepsTo Develop Employee Standards That Help Stars Thrive

To secure your spot, register today !

How To Hire Care Worker Stars

How To Hire Care Worker Stars

March 22, 2017


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